Further information about these allocation groupings, details and vesting/unlock schedules will be made available during upcoming Testnets, ahead of Quai Network’s Mainnet launch.

A pre-allotted amount of 3 billion Quai will be generated as part of the genesis block.


Purpose: Maximize adoption of the Quai protocol.

Importance: Acts as a reserve to fund future innovations, partnerships, and ecosystem growth. Ensures the project’s longevity and adaptability to changing market conditions.

Community Incentives

Purpose: To encourage and reward active participation and contribution from the community.

Importance: These incentives will be predefined and distinct from the foundation’s allocations. They are set at the protocol’s inception, with strict criteria for distribution to ensure fairness and targeted encouragement of community activities.

Strategic Partners

Purpose: To align with entities that can provide strategic value such as capital, technology, market access, or industry expertise.

Importance: Helps in scaling the project, accessing new markets, and leveraging external expertise for growth and innovation.


Purpose: To compensate and incentivize the project’s founders.

Importance: Ensures the founders are motivated to contribute to the project’s success over the long term. Aligns their interests with the project’s success.


Purpose: To reward and retain talented team members.

Importance: Essential for building a strong team committed to the project’s vision. Helps in attracting and keeping top talent.

Testnet Incentives

Purpose: To incentivize participation in the testnet phase for debugging and optimizing the network.

Importance: Ensures a robust, well-tested network before full deployment. Engages the community in the development process.

Exchange Liquidity

Purpose: To provide liquidity on exchanges for the project’s token.

Importance: Essential for enabling easy trading and fair pricing of the token, which is crucial for attracting new users and investors.

Earn Program

Purpose: To reward users for specific activities that benefit the network, like staking, liquidity provision, or content creation.

Importance: Encourages behaviors that directly contribute to the network’s health and growth. Helps in decentralizing the network’s operations and increasing user engagement.